The international scientific council

A role of guidance and support

Meets 2 to 3 times per year

The next meeting of the Scientific Committee of the AMF, Association of the Mayors of France on Monday, 26 march 2018, from 14 to 16h
41, Quai d’orsay
75007 PARIS


Under the chairmanship of Dr. Catherine Verney, French, pharmacist, Doctor of Science, biologist, specialist in the anatomy and chemistry of the brain, a researcher at Inserm in the field of neuroscience on the development of the human brain and brain chemistry

  • Dr Orla Doyle, Irish, disciple of James Heckman, researcher at the UCD Geary Institute (early interventions)
  • Dr. Sylvana Côté, Quebecoise (French Canadian), psychologist, Professor at the School of Public Health, the Public University of Montreal, holds the international research chair in child development at the University of Bordeaux
  • Dr Michel Boivin, Quebecois (French Canadian), teacher/researcher in the psychology of the social development of children, University of Laval
  • Prof Gregory Michel, French, Professor of Psychopathology at the University of Bordeaux and a clinical psychologist and psychotherapist. Specialist in risk-taking and violent behaviours.
  • Helena Snow, Belgian/American, journalist, analytical psychotherapist and positive parenting coach
  • Isabelle Vinet, Quebecoise (French Canadian), Director of the Centre of Excellence for the Development of Young Children in Montreal
  • Dr Gilles Lazimi, French, general practitioner, an outspoken advocate concerning the prevention of violence to women and children
  • Isabelle Filliozat, French, psychotherapist, author, educator
  • Dr Béatrice Lamboy, French, research scientist, ARS
  • Dr. Edwige Antier, French, pediatrician
  • Michele Guez, French, psychologist, trainer in Non-violent Communication (NVC)