The Early Learning/Positive Parenting Train

A true first! A train the length of 2 high-speed trains (TGVs) entirely devoted to the most recent resources available on child development, its tremendous potential and its very real fragilities.

100 experts engaged in this adventure: neuroscientists, educators, anthropologists, psychologists, early childhood and childhood professionals, philosophers, a specialist in child development through play, psychoanalysts, representatives of the OECD, UNESCO, the major actors in family policy…

6 themes to help you understand it all:

  • Birth and forging connections
  • Playing and communicating
  • Everyday well-being
  • Acting early
  • Protecting children and their rights
  • It takes a village to raise a child
conference participants

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Video of the Quebec Minister of the Family: Monsieur Luc Fortin

“Assessment” meeting on February 8 at the headquarters of the Ombudsman.