So many great projects, so many actions and so much energy … Behind all that, there are 7 women and 1 man, all motivated by the same passion: children !

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I am the founder of the Association, an educator of young children, a legal expert in social law and have an academic background in the field of education sciences. My path has been atypical and yet so fulfilling, thanks in large measure to my role as a member of a team that is strong, mutually  supportive, compassionate and that works together in a dynamic of great collective intelligence. I draw my inspiration from observing children, their energy with their families, from my team and meetings with committed professionals.
My favorite saying: Alone we go fast, together we go far!”
My little sin 🍫 is chocolate in all its forms ! ⠀
I love sea green, between two shades 🌏
I also have a strong taste for equity, prevention, and quality as I work with others to build a better world 😊”

To know more about Nathalie’s commitment and background

After an extraordinarily rich journey and many experiences (with a few minor snags), I was able to learn from my mistakes and in no way regret the risks I took throughout my career. Always driven by my interest in early childhood, I got involved in the Association to give meaning to my new life as a retiree! My favorite saying: “It always seems impossible…until you do it!” – Nelson Mandela
I love the sea in all its colors, sailboatsand music, which I practice in my humble fashion ! 🎼I appreciate good food and love eating it, just as I love to cook, but preferably in the company of good friends and family 😉”

While I started my career as a midwife, I quickly realized that not only professionals working in the fields of health and early childhood, but also parents were sorely lacking in training and guidance with respect to the cognitive and emotional development of young children. Thats why I quite naturally gravitated to psychology. With a degree in clinical psychology in hand, and significant experience in the field, I followed my best instincts and joined the EPEPE adventure in supporting early childhood professionals, parents, and as a consequence, all manner of little poppets, as a way for me to contribute my small stone to the edifice of a more equitable society for tomorrow.
Today, I fulfill the role of Director of Research and Trainingwhich means that I offer daily support to professionals within the context of our research-action and am also involved in the Associations teaching team.
My passions: Reading, movies, history and children (and, oh yes, my husband! 😍).
My little sin: The salted butter melting on a still hot baguette.🥖
My favorite saying: The crazier we get, the more we laugh,” because I am convinced that only together can we build a better world for young children and laughing is good for our brains! 🧠”

“An atypical path so rich in experiences, challenges and encounters! If my life was a song (I love music!), its title would be: My Life, My Dream, My Reality!
As Ive forged my path through life, like a big puzzle that has gradually taken shape from initial involvement in the private sector to working in early childhood education, I have enjoyed continuing to build and learn from my encounters so that we may eventually all live in a world where every child counts!
My favorite color: All the colors of the rainbow 🌈 …. But if we really have to choose, then blue (like the sky …!)My family and my responsibilities within the Association buoy me every single day! In both spheres, the biggest challenge is to find a happy medium between my vision (where I have a pronounced tendency to hang out) and the realities of everyday life…between reflection and practice, if you will. The most important thing, Ive found, is to give oneself permission and accept that there will be trials and errors!
My passion: Travel and deep encounters with other cultures, as well as African dance and running.
My little sin: Devouring a whole container of strawberry sherbet 🍓(and not imagining any other approach)!
My favorite saying: What a wonderful world!🌎 “

“I have had several professional lives, but all of them had a strong connection to nurturing education. Daughter of a childminder, I started out as a summer camp counselor and in my spare time, contributed to the creation of a toy library, for which I wound up being responsible for close to 20 years.
A committed volunteer, I have worked for the Scouts and Guides of France, the Claude Pompidou association, the Les Aygues association and I even started in this capacity within our own association, Ensemble pour lEducation de la Petite Enfance💚.
I have completed a wide variety of training, 📚including: Nurturing Communication, Montessori Theory, Conflict Management through Negotiation and Mediation, and Support Group Facilitation … All of this reinforces this nurturing spirit that motivates me.
My favorite saying: You can only see well with the heart, the essential is invisible to the eyes” – Le Petit Prince by Saint-Exupéry
I love swimming, hiking, cinema, nature 🍃🌾 … and above all wellness.
My favorite thing: chocolate 🍫 (with salt crystals) and figs.”

Working in human professions is a passion that is part of a balance between pleasure and complexity.
Working together, coming together, sharing, linking, listening, observing these are my favorite pastimes.
I find the small pleasures of everyday life deeply satisfying and these I find enriched by interacting with people of other cultures.🌍
Sardinia is my home port and West Africa my land of healing
I decided to cast my anchor with the Association, which I have followed over the years, on the basis of its values of commitment, knowledge and great humility expressed through a collective and altruistic spirit.
My favorite saying: Act today for the world of tomorrow.” 🕊️
In the midst of our sometimes hectic pace of life, lets take the time to be in the present moment, to allow ourselves to remember what is essential about the human experience, directing toward everyone, children and adults, the loving, positive attention that was so dear to the psychologist, Carl Rogers. I like being with people just as I like making time to be with myself
Together, lets enjoy life to the fullest!☀️”

Very committed and quite curious by nature, I now have several professional and associative experiences to my credit in France and abroad, which have taught me to develop the qualities of compassion, open-mindedness and adaptability within a multicultural environment.🌎🌍🌏
I started out with a humanitarian-oriented training course, but then moved on to early childhood development. In this context, I carried out research in Sri Lanka on social and emotional education in a post-war context. This is an area that fascinates me and explains my desire to work with EPEPE.🌟 My other passions: travel, nature🏞, reading📚,sport, yoga, cooking and … eating! 😊
My favorite saying: “I never lose. Either I win or… I learn.” Nelson Mandela. This is a mindset that I strongly encourage within education, but also adhere to personally.
My little sin: Breton crêpes with chestnut spread and whipped cream.

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