Our Board of Directors

Board members make up the governance of the Association. We warmly thank each member for their role in guiding our actions.

Frequency of meetings:

  • Members of the Executive Committee meet quarterly
  • Members of the Board of Directors meet 3 times a year, including once before the Annual General Assembly
  • General Assemblies are held once a year in accordance with the statutes.

The Executive Committee

The President, Rudolph Hidalgo

As an independent director, CEO for companies in transition, a specialist in restructuring operations and transformation through innovation, I have long been interested in “lifelong education” subjects and involved in actions fostering educational development of children, the fight against poverty and for the construction of a “knowledge society.”
Convinced, on the one hand, of the importance of early childhood, and on the other, of the positive impact of a nurturing approach to education, both at the individual and collective level, I have been intimately involved in EPEPE from its creation and have been its President since 2018.

Treasurer, Didier Bodel

After a professional career of more than 40 years, including 20 years in the world of toys as an instrument of child development, I wanted to take advantage of my retirement to devote myself to a mission of general interest for the most vulnerable children. At the birth of the association and on the basis of my past experience, we launched “the Train,” a large-scale awareness-raising campaign that established the Association as one of the key players in the field. A marketing man, I have taken on the role of treasurer to ensure the Association is managed with the same rigor that I used with the companies I managed throughout my career. Alas, it is not a simple task to ensure the sustainability of our association’s economic model.
Grandfather of 6 grandchildren, I hope that we can act together to help build a better world for future generations. This is the primary motivation for my involvement.

Secretary, Evelyne Husson

A Germanist by training, I have served as a senior consultant for over 30 years internationally, working with incentive and event agencies, followed by nearly 10 years managing the Cabinet and Communications Department of a city government in the department of Essonne.
“From the 1970s, I found myself drawn to an ensemble of innovative educational convictions and values, which led me to confer the education of my daughters to an innovative, small, coeducational non-profit school that practiced an active teaching and learning approach involving parents and other community members. It was therefore with great enthusiasm that I boarded the EPEPE “Early Childhood and Parenting Train,” an adventure that put the association on the map nationally and internationally. “Act early – right from early childhood” is our motto, expressing an essential principle, the importance of which has been revealed by recent advances in neuroscience. A magnificent subject for engagement and the driving force behind the entire Ensemble pour l’Education de la Petite Enfance team, with which I am proud to collaborate.”

Members of the Board of Directors: The Administrators

Isabelle Filliozat

“In my books and my interventions in the media, I try to popularize neuroscience and research in psychology and psychosociology to make useful information and enlightening concepts available to all. More than a job, my life mission is to nurture and develop the emotional and relational intelligence of each person so as to reduce violence in human relationships and in particular, towards children. It is therefore quite natural that I join the Board of Ensemble pour l’Education de la Petite Enfance. We share the same values, seek the same scientific solidity, we orient ourselves in the same way towards construction rather than towards judgment. Our common project is to provide resources to parents and professionals to allow them to find more happiness in the exercise of their role while supporting optimal development of children on all levels, whether physical, emotional, cognitive or social. ”

Annick Bouquet

Married with 4 children, a school teacher, I was elected municipal councilor in charge of sports for the city of Versailles in 2008 and President of the Clagny-Glatigny District Council, then reelected as Deputy Mayor for Early Childhood in 2014. I am a member of the Association of the Mayors of France (AMF) and President of the Association of Deputy Mayors for Early Childhood for the Department. I also serve as the leader of the Early Childhood Group of the Paris region within the context of the Strategy for Prevention of and the War Against Poverty. I am a member of the National Consultative Council of People with Disabilities (CNCPH); On the associative level (disability-related): I serve as President of the Association Nouvelle du Vivre Ensemble which, among other things, organizes the Olympics of Living Together, which brings together nearly 1300 participants including more than 800 disabled people around sporting values. I also serve as Vice-President of the Departmental Adapted Sport Committee of Yvelines.

“It is in the natural continuity of these commitments to serving the most vulnerable that I am very honored to have joined the Board of Ensemble pour l’Education de la Petite Enfance to make my experience and my networks available to the organization and its actions.”

Armelle Le-Bigot-Macaux

I have served as President of ACPE (Act Against Child Prostitution) since 2012. Since 1986, the Association has fought against forced or consentual sexual exploitation involving minors, fighting for the rights of minors in France as well as to prevent child crime and child pornography. I have also served as President of EGPE – the School of European Grandparents – since 2012. The School’s mission is to reflect on the status of grandparents in the family and in society today, to value and promote their place and their role, in connection with generations of parents and grandchildren.

Previously, I served as CEO of ABC +, an agency specializing in observing the behavior of children, adolescents and families. As a result, I have had the opportunity to advise many different actors in French economic life.

Administrator, President of the Scientific Committee
Catherine Verney

Currently retired, I help the Association “Ensemble pour l’Education de la Petite Enfance” to integrate scientific knowledge into the ways we care for young children in our country. To that end, better dissemination of the functioning and development of the human brain makes it possible to change mentalities and practices in the institutions involved in such care. In the same vein, I also pass on my holistic knowledge of the brain acquired during my career as a researcher at Inserm through conferences for the general public (associations, Inter-Age University, high schools, town halls, hospitals, etc. Contact: verney.conferences@gmail.com).

Pharmacist, Doctor of Science – Retired Inserm Research Fellow, Specialist in human brain development, Inserm UMR 1141 Neuroprotection of the developing brain, Robert Debré Hospital

Benefactor Members
Béatrice Medjkoune
Staff Members
Delphine Lemoine

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