The interest of the child

May the interest of the child be at the center of all our conversations.
May the child grow, flourish, learn, evolve, acquire skills, and gain self-confidence in an environment that is as physically and emotionally secure as possible. This is the winning formula for laying solid foundations for the construction of all individuals.

Non-judgment & Respect

Non-judgment and respect for everyone, wherever they find themselves in their educational practices.
Whether you are a professional or a parent, we all have a certain knowledge base and it is our experience that has allowed us to acquire our skill base.
We all move at our own pace and are more or less comfortable with certain concepts.

Humility & Empathy

Humility and empathy in any dialogue between us. As Socrates put it, “All I know is that I don’t know anything.” Children are naturally gifted with empathy, that is to say, in the ability to put themselves in someone else’s shoes, while maintaining a certain objectivity. It’s up to us to ensure that we cultivate this interpersonal skill and make ourselves available to others. Each person’s experiences are different, are formed in part by their education, and yield as many values. We can take our cue from the final line of the classic Jean Gabin song “Je sais”(“I know”): “Je sais, je sais…qu’on ne sait jamais!” (“I know, I know…that we never know!”)


Transparency in terms of our approach.
The association is composed of men and women who embody the values it carries. We all aspire to do our very best to promote the well-being of the child. Just like the people to whom we lend support, we have our own strengths and challenges to meet, with sincerity.

Sincerity & Simplicity

Sincerity and simplicity must be the hallmark of our exchanges.
The strength of the message we want to convey is in the authenticity embodied by the messenger. If our words are in line with our actions, then we will be coherent and consistent. It is also this coherency that will strengthen authenticity and therefore, the message. When our attitude is aligned with our values, our language also makes the message clear for everyone.


Sharing knowledge as facilitators.
Transmit, disseminate, share, inform … this is our mission, in the true sense of the “general interest” dimension of our association. Our role is to make up-to-date international scientific knowledge accessible to as many people as possible. The sharing of educational tools in the service of nurturing education replaces the sharing of advice and recommendations. Because the primary resource is you, parents and educators. We can support and guide you and in addition, share certain tools.
There is no recipe other than a multitude of trials and errors, depending on the uniqueness of all the protagonists, their culture, their personalities, etc.
We just offer tools and guidance … it is up to you to work to achieve your own educational creativity, while always maintaining an attitude of respect for the well-being of the child.


We always seek to take the family into consideration and actively involve them.
Parents are children’s first educators, so priority is always placed on the involvement of the family who will ensure the continuity of their children’s education. The bond between parents and professionals is a protective factor in the child’s self-construction.
It is this triptych, parent-professional-child, that always keeps the well-being of the child resolutely front and center.


The protection of vulnerable groups, children living below the poverty line and children with special needs, is a constant concern. Vulnerable groups may suffer even greater obstacles with respect to child development, in terms of access to knowledge, applications, practices, etc.

All children need special protection because children are essentially dependent on adults. However, children with special needs, meaning, children who have a condition that causes their development to unfold somewhat differently from that of most children of their age, need this valuable protection all the more.

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