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I am an early childhood educator and legal expert. After my Master’s degree in Education Science, I chose to work with vulnerable populations on preventing inequalities right from birth. Through the amazing work and commitment of our team, I want to prove that a nurturing approach to childrearing that helps children to develop strong social skills forms the overall basis of development for every child, and this occurs when children are guided by emotionally warm and available adults, sharing common knowledge that is up-to-date, internationally confirmed, based on science, and therefore reliable. 

“Encouraging preventive policies is more important than it has ever been.
ACTING EARLY, investing in quality education from the youngest age, is what makes it possible to reduce inequalities from birth and to galvanize public and private actors with respect to our children, the future citizens of the society of tomorrow.

“It does, indeed, take a village to raise a child!
Together, our society must take the decision to meet the needs of our little ones, who are the treasures of the world’s future.

“We need to be taught how to live together: neuroscience and epigenetics confirm it every day.”

Daily life for our children and their families should afford them a full and complete development. We must invest massively in supporting childcare professionals, assuring their rightful place and as well as the best possible conditions for practicing their profession, because no mission is more complex nor more promising than supporting a child on the path of life.

Appointed in December 2017 as Co-Chair of the Commission “Eradicating Child Poverty” by Mr. Olivier Noblecourt, Interministerial Delegate for the Prevention of and War Against Poverty, then in 2019 by the President of the Republic as a member of the 1000 Days Committee, under the chairmanship of Dr Boris Cyrulnik, and today serving as co-coordinator of the Ambition 600,000 Plan to support the training of childcare professionals in the Paris region with the Interministerial Delegate Marine Jeantet, I fully assume the vision of the association that I represent.

We act on the ground every day, in particular to establish contact with the most vulnerable groups, in regions strongly impacted by extreme poverty and have implemented our first pilot initiatives in the Hauts-de-France region,  with the cities of Arras, Lille, and Roubaix as well as with Le Havre, Metz, Saint-Malo, Bordeaux, and Reims. 

With our team and supported in our actions by the members of a strong Scientific Council and Board of Directors, we support more than 25,000 early childhood professionals every year and share quality knowledge about child development.

We work with ministerial, European and international bodies to educate influencers and initiate proposed legislation and public policies in favor of children.

At the city level, we offer training introducing a dynamic of continuous improvement of professional practices, using innovative educational tools based on science.

This approach makes it possible to respond to the needs expressed in all the areas where we are active.

We work in conjunction with local associations and federations; TOGETHER we take on challenges.

We assess the impact of each action on the target publics concerned in order to focus our efforts on those that are most effective in improving children’s life trajectories, and the modification of practices in the long term.”


  • Founder and Executive Director of Ensemble pour l’Education de la Petite Enfance (Ensemble for Early Childhood Education)
  • Co-founder of Enfance et Covid (Childhood and Covid), within the context of the work of the Committee of 10 Experts
  • Member of the 1000 Days Committee, Élysée Palace and Ministry of Solidarity and Health
  • Co-chair of the Ambition 600,000 Plan in the Paris region, Interministerial Delegation for the Prevention of and War Against Poverty
  • Curator of the “Early Childhood & Parenthood” traveling exhibition “Discover me…!”
  • Member of the professional development committee, Department of Educational Sciences at Paris-Ouest-Nanterre University.

Act early for education that is

responsible, nurturing and structuring


  • 25 years of practice supporting children, parents and individual and collective childcare professionals, in France, Australia and India
  • 15 years of identifying best practices internationally, in particular in supporting the most vulnerable groups.
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