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Childcare Facilities and Solutions

Daycare centers, Toy lending centers, Nurseries, Licensed in-home daycare, pre-schools, shared nannies, etc.


Council of Europe, Regional Councils, Departmental Councils, Municipalities, Communities of agglomerations and municipalities, Family support organisms, Maternal Support organisms, etc.

Educational Community

Early childhood professionals serving in individual and collective care structures, future professionals, parents, grandparents, families, etc.


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Ensemble for Early Childhood Education

Ensemble for Early Childhood Education is a French general interest non-profit association specializing in early childhood, which explores and promotes the advantages of acting early for the benefit of children, parents and professionals by communicating high-quality international knowledge in the interest of attaining equity in early childhood education.

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Early childhood education and parenting support are priority national issues. To ensure our social mission, so that we can continue to offer guidance to early childhood professionals and parents,
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The association raises awareness of nurturing child-centered education, develops innovative educational projects and supports the educational community. We welcome your support of these actions via your donation.

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By becoming a member, you signal your adherence to the values of child-centered nurturing education to which Ensemble for Early Childhood Education is committed.
You agree to share the latest knowledge on child development with your community.
You become an official member of the Association, Ensemble for Early Childhood Education, in order to support the association in all of its actions.
Joining the association is a voluntary action to be renewed each calendar year.

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By becoming an Ambassador, you express your desire to deepen your commitment and get involved in this dynamic within the educational community. You will participate in the national network of members and future ambassadors. You will actively assist the association, Ensemble for Early Childhood Education, to act in the field within France and well beyond its borders.

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We are a non-profit general interest association and we work to bring to light all the data broadly available on child development, but also to make child-centered nurturing education a reality for all children. Without your donations, we cannot exist! Thank you for supporting our work and our commitment.

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Support us during an event, share our publications, talk about us to your local government officials, or even go and set up an instructional course with our teams! We are always in need of help so don’t hesitate to contact us if you are interested in getting involved in our actions benefitting early childhood.

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