Enfance & Covid

As parents, we need attention and guidance:
Confined with our families, we find ourselves with our children 24/7 and often while teleworking

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The steering committee offers you these free live interactive options:

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20 presidents of pediatric learned societies
demand the return of children to school

Early childhood in the confinement era

Live Questions / Answers
Are children carriers? Vectors?
(targeted to the professionals, but you will also find answers here)

Sketchnote: Neither carrier nor vector

Giving children information on the epidemic

explained to children

Adopt good hygiene practices

The “protection” of childhood

The proper way to wash your hands

Feeding children

Food & Confinement

Coco the virus
The Coronavirus explained to children

Managing the confinement within your family

Deconfinement: Problem or liberation?


Giving Children Information on the Epidemic

When Parents Set the Example

Coco the virus
The Coronavirus Explained to Children

Advice from UNICEF
How to talk about the Coronavirus with a Child?

Explained to Children

How to Talk About Death
with Your Child

An approach to assisting parents
to discover during the period of confinement
and for experimental purposes

My Hero is You:
How to Fight COVID-19
as a Child

My Hero is You:
translation in all languages

My Hero is You:
translated into Arabic

Help with
going back to school

Maintaining Physical and Psychological Health

Screens & Convictions
0 to 6 years old

Activities that are Pleasant and Helpful for Development

Moving the body, a Childhood Need

Taking Care of Yourself as a Parent


How to React When your Child Opposes You

Why does he smile at me
when I scold him?

Why is he sometimes so slow to react?

Why does she get so mad?

Tell me,
Why introduce a little one into an older child’s game?

Is it necessary to punish or scold my child
if she doesn’t obey?

Attachment, a crucial connection
Nicole GUEDENEY, child psychiatrist

Difficult moments

Conference on attachment
Nicole GUEDENEY, child psychiatrist

Stay connected no matter what
the situation

Psychomotor development
at home

How to help your child sleep
better during the confinement

Podcast – La Matrescence
Dr Catherine Gueguen
Understanding your child through

Podcast – La Matrescence
Héloise Junier
Learn how to react
to the behaviors of our children

Podcast – La Matrescence
Questions / Answers by
Héloïse Junier, psychologist

Podcast – La Matrescence
Marion Cuerq
Même qu’on naît imbattables (French film: Even Though We’re Born Unstoppable)

Attachment / Relations

Framework for creating your family rituals

Well-being and confinement

Sleep & Covid

Understanding my emotions as I cope with confinement

Identifying my emotions
to cope with the

Helping your child to manage her

Expressing my emotions to cope with the confinement

Cultivate positive emotions

Regulating my negative emotions

Youtube Channel
Isabelle Filliozat

Children’s activity notebook
“My emotions”

ABC of Emotions or How to Enrich Your Emotional Vocabulary

Psychological Support
for Bereaved Families
(IDF Region)

Setting Up School at Home

The question of boredom and
space management, or how to have a “work” space, “school,” etc.

FacebookLive from Cogito’Z on
parenthood, home school,
positive psychology, etc.

Advice from UNICEF
How to have fun together
as a family at home

Advice from UNICEF
Activities for children
during the confinement period

Advice from UNICEF
5 Keys for
Home Schooling

Perinatal Path website

Contact representative from La Leche League

A Baby Is a Person

Sleep for Babies

Film short – Advice for Women
Who Wish to Breastfeed

Center for Nursing

Help and Support for Breastfeeding Women
List of IBCLC Certified Lactation Consultants

Nursing & Coronavirus

Just my Nursing

Advice from UNICEF
Activities to Do
with your Baby

Shaken Baby Syndrome

The most common reactions
when faced with stress and
how to respond

Advice from UNICEF
Feeling good at home
during confinement

Maintaining Physical and Psychological Health

Taking Care of Yourself
As a Parent

Managing the confinement
as a family

When parents set the example

Difficult moments

Early childhood: the most common reactions
when faced with stress and
how to respond

Adolescents: the most common reactions
when faced with stress and
how to respond

Free relaxation soundtracks
for the old and young

Parental Burn-Out

Hallucinatory Experiences
Suicide Prevention

Advice from UNICEF
How to Avoid Tensions &
Anxiety During the Confinement

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Mail : contact@enfance-et-covid.org