Why support us?

4 main reasons:

  • Because supporting us is supporting you!
  • Your / our children are the people who will build the future
  • Support them well, support their emotional equilibrium, their potential, anticipate risks and provide them with protective factors on their journey, in a seamless educational continuity – this is the challenge and the most beautiful opportunity for the future of our society
  • Becoming a member of the association, Ensemble for Early Childhood Education, means more than just joining an association; it is a way for you to express your commitment to the idea that all children deserve a nurturing education. Join the beautiful community that not only enriches and promotes but also co-constructs our actions.

The degree of your involvement is totally up to you, as everyone contributes what they can, like the hummingbird in the famous story about the forest fire.

According to an African proverb,

“It takes a whole village to raise a child.”

Together, let’s be this village that acts early to benefit all our children!

The Calendar

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Becoming a member means:

  • being a part of our beautiful community
  • supporting and helping to spread our actions
  • being like the hummingbird and doing your part
  • receiving a lovely isothermal water bottle to drink fresh water while spreading goodwill
  • taking an action that expresses your commitment to nurturing education right from early childhood.


Directly on the website HelloAsso (only in French), by clicking on the button below:

Membership costs 50€ a year, 66% of which may be deducted on your annual income tax declaration (in France). You will have the opportunity of adding an additional sum of any amount as a donation.

Donations and membership fees may also b by check or electronic transfer. Contact us or write to us directly by email at contact@eduensemble.org

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Become a member and act with us!

Early childhood education and parenting support are priority national issues.
To fulfill its social mission, Ensemble for Early Childhood Education needs you!