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A travelling exhibition

Pleased with the success of the first edition of the Early Childhood/Positive Parenting Train, the association team came up with a follow-up to this great and passionate adventure.

The little (and lighter!) sister of the Train is born.

Discover me…is the first national exhibition on child development

A great challenge!

To convert the equivalent of two high-speed train’s worth of rich interactive content into a mobile exhibition that is both autonomous and fun.

We will continue to traverse the hexagon, going out to meet all our audiences, adjusting practices and raising nurturing education as a national priority.

Discover me…In a few figures

Spread out over

THe 6 themes of the train are presented

  • Birth and forging connections
  • Playing and communicating
  • Everyday well-being
  • Acting early
  • Protecting children and their rights
  • It takes a village to raise a child

Discover me…is sought in 1001 places!

  • Town halls
  • Mother and Child Protection organisms (in France, PMIs)
  • Social regime for the self-employed (in France, the RAM)
  • CAF (Family Allowance office)
  • Schools and universities
  • Congresses and trade fairs
  • Museums

It may be reserved

Discover me…In 3 high points

continuing education day for professionals
discussion-evening with parents

The exhibition is regularly enriched with new themes evaluated in terms of their legitimacy and relevance by the Scientific Committee members.

It will soon be translated into several languages

Map of the cities proposing the travelling exhibition

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