2018 Congress
The transition to school: equity, quality and innovation






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Outcome – Videos

Day 2 - Outcome 1 with Expert Witness Alberto Lidji

Day 2 - Outcome 2 with Professional witnesses M.Dutriévoz-Boyer, Y.Husianycia and R.Mellado

Day 2 Outcome 3 "Storytelling"

Outcome – FrameWork for action

BECOME A CHAMPION …and achive an equitable, high-quality & innovative transition from birth to school…. Following the international Congress held on June 14th and 15th, please read carefully our FrameWork for Action and do not hesitate to adhere to it.

I, adhere to the Framework for Action "The Transition to School: Equity, Quality & Innovation", on behalf of theI remain available on the following contact: