Raising awareness with actors and influencers

Raising awareness amongst family-policy actors and influencers, professionals and parents through actions conducted at various levels.


Research – actions

Adjusting and improving professional practices

Adjusting and improving professional and parenting practices in accordance with the latest research. Measuring the impact on children’s development and the quality of professional childcare services.


Children’s emotions

Rediscovering emotion…

Rediscover the emotion you shared with us on board the Early Learning Train.

Ensemble for Early Childhood Education is the leading association that:
raises awareness with family-policy actors and influencers, professionals and parents;
experiments with the most pertinent initiatives pertaining to child development and the progress of young children; and
measures the impact of social investment

Spotlight on…

At this time

April 3 at 9 am

Talking about Early Childhood on the CRF (Catholic Radio of France)

Nathalie Vicarini on the « LE TEMPS DE LE DIRE » podcast: CRF, Catholic Radio of France, the key measures of the inter-ministerial strategy for early childhood.

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March 27

Intervention at the NCFE

National Committee on the Fight Against Exclusion, interpretation of the proposals for an inter-ministerial strategy.

March 21

Hearing before Madame Geneviève Avenard

A progress report on Early Childhood in France in the context of the future report on Early Childhood by the Ombudsman (Human Rights Advocate)

March 20

Hearing by the French WHO Network of Healthy Cities

The Association’s actions, and in particular research-actions, were presented to the French WHO Network of Healthy Cities on March 20, 2018

March 15

Delivery of proposals to the Minister of Health and Solidarity

Delivery of proposals for an inter-ministerial strategy for the prevention of and fight against child and youth poverty to Mme Agnès Buzyn, Minister of Health and Solidarity.

February 8

Report on the actions of the Association

At the headquarters of the Défenseur des Droits (the Ombudsman), the Association offered an evaluation of the Early Learning/Positive Parenting Train and presented its continuing actions for 2018.

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