About Us

The history of the association

After an “incubation” period of 20 years in France and internationally: the creation of day care structures, identification of needs and support from family-policy actors, professionals, and families, in 2014, the founding members create a dedicated fund under the aegis of the Childhood Foundation (Fondation pour l’Enfance).

In October of 2016, the general interest association is born, following the first international congress devoted to early childhood at the OECD, on June 6 and 7. A truly compelling moment of realisation on the part of the 38 countries represented at the congress – that childhood bridges all the divides and issues must be tackled jointly, through the sharing of the latest knowledge.

On June 9, 2017, at the Dole teaching day about nurturing instruction, the Franco-Quebec video series “Tell me…” marks an important step in the advancement of knowledge about early child development in light of the most recent discoveries of neuroscience, validated by an international scientific committee. The series sheds light on all the best practices internationally for professionals and parents.

From November 2- 20, 2017, helped by a large international and national network unifying the actors, influencers, and supporting partners of early childhood and education, the association organises an unprecedented extensive national knowledge-sharing operation. Le train Petite Enfance et Parentalité (The Early Learning/Positive Parenting Train) sets off to welcome and educate the general public, setting up temporary shop in the heart of 15 cities and towns, in order to meet with the most vulnerable families in each, as well as with all the local childhood professionals.

On November 7th, 2017, the signing of the charter and delivery to the Mayor of Dole of the label, City of Compassionate Education. A true first that will be followed by new signatory cities.

On January 2, 2018, our founder and president receives her letter of mission to co-chair with Frédéric Leturque, Mayor of Arras, the commission on early childhood of the “Ending child poverty” working group, under the auspices of the Inter-Ministerial Delegation for the Prevention of and Fight Against Youth and Child Poverty.

In February of 2018, the signing of the agreement with the University of Bordeaux – INSERM Unit, in partnership with the CPEQ and the AQCPE, allows us to set up 2 major experiments to measure the impact of the quality of care offered to children, as well as coaching of early childhood professionals and parents on the development of young children and the continuous improvement of practices.

March 14, 2018 marks the arrival of the Train’s little sister: the first national exhibition on child development. “Discover me…” can be moved from city to city and set up in local town halls, institutions, and childcare and parenting support centres as a complement to training days being sponsored for professionals or discussion evenings for parents.

The adventure continues, thanks to the support of a reinforced Board of Directors, a multidisciplinary and international scientific committee, a group of patrons who have guided and supported us from the beginning and, of course, all those who believe that investing in childhood has the capacity to transform the trajectory of the most vulnerable among us and who therefore embrace the path to a better and more inclusive world.