A national vision

The Association cultivates a relationship of mutual trust with the large national institutions that encourage the harmonious development of children in the following complementary dimensions.

The Inter-Ministerial delegation for the prevention of and fight against child and youth poverty

Mr. Olivier Noblecourt, Inter-Ministerial Delegate, the co-chairs of the committee on early childhood, Nathalie Casso-Vicarini and Frédéric Leturque, Mayor of Arras

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The Ombudsman

Mr. Jacques Toubon, Ombudsman, Ms. Geneviève Avenard, Child Advocate, Madame Elisabeth Laithier, Chairman, the committee on early childhood of the AMF elected in Nancy, and Nathalie Casso-Vicarini
During Universal Children’s Day on November 20, 2017, onboard the Early Learning/Positive Parenting Train, Gare du Nord, Paris

Website : Defenseurdesdroits.fr

The Association of the Mayors of France

The Association of the Mayors of France is at the service of mayors and presidents of inter-communal cooperation establishments (EPCIs), respecting the values and principles that have prevailed since its creation: the defence of local liberties, concrete and permanent support to elected officials in their daily management tasks, and loyal but demanding partnerships with the State for the purpose of better protecting the interests of communities and their diverse groupings.
Today, nearly 35,000 mayors and the presidents of EPCI are members.

Mr. Alain Jupé, Mayor of Bordeaux, surrounded by Ms Brigitte Collet, local elected official in charge of early childhood, Nathalie Casso-Vicarini and Louis Sénécal, President of the AQCPE, Quebec
Website : amf.asso.fr

URBAN France

France Urbaine

The Association engages in dialogue as an actual partner with the State and various echelons of local government that are vested with genuine autonomy, and unites metropolitan areas, urban communities, suburban communities and France’s largest urban centres. The association plays an active role in the management of the national and European destiny, by supporting our country and our citizens in these transitions, whether they be territorial, digital or ecological.

Website: franceurbaine.org

French WHO Healthy Cities Network

Villes Santé - OMS

The Association’s goal vis-à-vis the French WHO Network of Healthy Cities is to raise awareness, stimulate debate based on reliable information and, especially, to encourage action on health in all relevant public policy and at all territorial levels.

Working toward a healthy society necessitates acting jointly in multiple areas, whether it be transport, housing or social cohesion, and co-constructing responses with the actors and inhabitants in the localities.

Website : villes-sante.com



Today, the French Council of Associations for the Rights of the Child brings together 45 associations with the primary vocation of ensuring respect for and dissemination of the International Convention on the Rights of the Child in France.

Website : cofrade.org

Terra nova

Its latest publication goes right to the heart of our concerns: “It’s time to invest in early childhood; equality of opportunity is in play prior to kindergarten”

Website : tnova.fr


Collective of professionals working in the field who explain the dangers of exposure and overexposure of young children to screens

Website : surexpositionecrans.org

Red Cross

The French Red Cross is a French association of humanitarian assistance founded in 1864. It aims to help people in difficulty in France and abroad.

Website : soutenir.croix-rouge.fr

ATD fourth world


The ATD (Acting Together for Dignity) movement is created in 1957 by father Joseph Wresinski with families living in a relocation camp in Noisy-le-Grand. This camp had been set up by the Emmaüs Movement and its founder, Abbé Pierre.

Website : atd-quartmonde.fr


The National Federation of Educators of Young Children brings together professional and student educators of young children within departmental associations spread throughout France. Its action revolves around various missions:

  • Serving as a clearinghouse for dialogue and information:
  • Serving as an organism of professional representation:
  • Offering a space for research and reflection:

Website : fneje.info


Created in 1949, the ANPDE is the only association that unites and promotes the interests of professional childcare workers.

With its 2000 members, it aims to promote an ambitious health policy for some 13 million children, and to champion their interests and those of their families.

Website : anpde.asso.fr


The Canopé network publishes cross-media educational resources (print, digital, mobile, TV), responding to the needs of the educational community. A major actor in reconceptualising school, it combines innovation and education in order to bring the School into the digital era.

Website: reseau-canope.fr


The French Federation of day care enterprises aims to bring together companies offering childcare services for young children under 6 years of age.

Website: ff-entreprises-creches.com


An association created for the purpose of diffusing information about the use of ordinary disciplinary violence, which is to say, the various forms of violence, both physical and psychological, used every day in families and schools to train children.

Website: oveo.org